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Game Updates

New Patch Released

PS4 (01.08) – PS5 (1.008.000 )– Xbox One/Series X|S ( – PC STEAM

▪️ Added MotoE™ category bikes and riders to quick modes.

▪️ Tweaked bike slip on start.

▪️ Fixed penalty counting in Race Director: fixed a bug where new penalties weren’t added if the player entered the race with previously stacked penalties.

▪️ Fixed AI behavior on Catalunya (MotoGP): fixed a bug in MotoGP where on Catalunya with Dry conditions and on 110% difficulty the AI falls in turns 7 and 10.

▪️ Fixed AI behavior on Catalunya (all categories): fixed a bug in all categories where on Catalunya, while leaving the pits during timed sessions with Dry/Wet conditions and on 20%-70%-120% difficulty, the AI exits too fast and falls.

▪️ Fixed AI behavior on Sepang (Moto 2): fixed a bug in Moto 2 where during Sepang timed sessions with Dry/Wet Track and on 70%-120% difficulty the AI falls in Turn 1 after exiting the Pit Lane.

▪️ Fixed AI behavior on Motegi (Moto 3): fixed a bug that led AI to fall in Turn 10 on Motegi (Moto 3) in Dry conditions.

▪️ Fixed missing options in the guided setup: fixed a bug where in the guided setup, within the menu dedicated to corner entry, the “Slow lean” option referring to Handling is missing; the same has been done within the menu dedicated to cornering for the missing “Understeer” option referring to Precision.

▪️ Fixed “Recommended Settings” function for the front brake on the Brno Circuit: fixed a bug where in Bike Setup – Quick Edit, by setting the recommended setup for the front brake on the Brno Circuit the UI won’t select any brake.

▪️ Fixed unresponsive “Start” button in Split Screen: fixed a bug that at a certain point led to the “Start” button being unresponsive in Split Screen mode.

▪️ Fixed imperial system bug: fixed a bug that showed the diameter measurement of the brake discs in millimeters rather than inches with the imperial system set.

▪️ Fixed Telemetry in online qualification: fixed a bug that wrongly showed the Telemetry in online qualification.

▪️ Fixed “Pertamina Enduro V46 Racing Team” name: fixed a visual bug where the team name “Pertamina Enduro VR46 Racing Team” appeared cut off host side in Lobby/Aggregation screens

▪️ Fixed a visual bug in pre-race box: fixed a bug that showed a slight bump from the timer while navigating through the main options of the pre-race box.

▪️ Revised special thanks in the ending credits.

▪️ Minor fixes.

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