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It only happens in MotoGP™24!

May 2nd is getting closer and closer. With the release date around the corner, we’d like to share more details about the brand-new feature of MotoGP™24: the Riders Market will offer roster updates for every in-game season for the first time in the franchise’s history.

Each Championship will be different

Thanks to the Riders Market, in MotoGP™24 riders of all categories can now change their team, aiming for the one that suits them well. Also, those in Moto3™ or Moto2™ can aim for a promotion between classes. This is to ensure that every season, and every Championship overall, feels different: unpredictable scenarios and related challenges will fill your journey(s) to the top.

Endless possibilities await you in your journey

As seasons progress, both the AI and the player can receive proposals to change their teams, in an exciting but always plausible variety of scenarios. The Riders Market follows a set of rules that lead to said transfers, weaving the riders’ performance with the prestige and aspirations of each team. This means that riders will receive offers based on their past results, and the teams will also evaluate them according to the goals they want to achieve. A rising star like Jorge Martín could therefore be called to bring the Honda MotoGP™ team to the top.

A fully shaped Career, driven by the player’s and AI’s behavior

Last year we introduced Turning Points and Rivalries for a more dynamic Career: it was all a matter of performances and choices, a philosophy that the Riders Market follows closely and enhances. Excellent results in a minor team will lead the players to compete for a seat in a top team, challenging the related rider to the point that they can force him to look for another contract. But this doesn’t mean he can: failing to gain a new contract means for the rider to be excluded from the season, only to come back after one year or two to help a struggling team. The same goes if a team underperforms: its top rider could start looking elsewhere and search for better opportunities. As we said, it all resolves around performances and choices, on track and off track thanks to the Rivalry System and the social network.

MotoGP™24 will be available on May 2, 2024, on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™, and Steam.

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