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MotoGP™24: Telemetry

Among the features we add over the years to meet all players’ expectations, we sometimes like to focus on our most hardcore fanbase.

This led us to add the telemetry in MotoGP™24, one of the most technical features we’ve ever made. As you can see in the screen below, it’s inspired by the diagrams riders use in real life.

What do they do?

This interactive diagram lets you select a portion of a track you raced on and see, over all the laps, how you performed.

For example, you see that in a specific lap, you underperformed for various reasons: you weren’t accelerating at a key point, and you started breaking along with also using the rear brake.

This led you to drive at an unsuited speed and resulted in a performance poorer than in other laps.

Curve by curve, point by point, you can analyze everything you’ve done.

Moreover, you can compare your best lap with any of your choice. The green (aka the best) and the red diagrams will let you understand what you’ve done differently.

These comparisons are extremely valuable in shaping your performance, allowing you to improve yourself with time and aware practice.

Among the laps recorded by the game, choosing the ones you prefer and comparing them individually is possible.

The idea behind the telemetry is that the player knows what they want to compare and where to look: as said, it’s a feature aimed at our most hardcore fanbase. With this in mind, we took the real data as they’re shown to the riders and simplified them a little in terms of readability.

The real ones are far more complex to read, and while we always aim to mirror reality as faithfully as possible, we need to keep the experience fun and engaging – even with features such as telemetry.

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