7 April 2020

MotoGP™20 – Aerodynamic Damage

This year we introduced a new feature in MotoGP20: aerodynamic damage. We all know how important are the “winglets”: they provide a downforce that keeps the bike more stable and less prone to wheelies.

But these appendices are not made for hard impacts, so, to give players some more depth and realism into the game we implemented a detailed damage system. Hard impacts, to other bikes, let alone fall, can break them on either side – or both – affecting not only the aspect but also the handling.

Breaking one will make the bike a little more unstable, and noticeably unbalanced: it will “pull” on the side with the remaining wing while breaking both will lead to an even more unstable handling. For less experienced players we introduced the option to have only graphic damages or adding physics effects too, and we revamped the visuals, with more detailed scratches and wear.