Stepping into the boots of your favorite rider, getting on the bike of your dreams, feeling the asphalt of your favorite track under the wheels… and experiencing the atmosphere and the emotions of the MotoGP™ champions. Now, all of this is more REAL than ever.

The realism you’ll find in MotoGP™22 is truly astonishing. We have worked hard to make every detail as faithful as possible to reality, to give you the racing experience you were waiting for.

Here is the main news of this year:

GRAPHIC RESTYLING: we have improved 3D models, animations and details of the faces of the riders and of the official pits;

RIDE HEIGHT DEVICE: you can manually act on the Ride Height Device mechanism, controlling the compression of the motorcycle suspension during the race;

TRACK SURFACES: we have also taken great care of this aspect of the circuit to improve your driving during the race;

SUSPENSION SYSTEM: now refined for better sensitivity on the curbs.

In addition, the features that you have come to love in the last few chapters and that allow you implement the strategy and skills of the real riders, are back:

TIRE CONSUMPTION: your riding style is essential to preserve the tires. You’ll need to keep it under control to avoid excessive wear;

BRAKE TEMPERATURE: find the right balance to race on the track while keeping the brake temperature within the correct limits;

FUEL CONSUMPTION: don’t lose sight of the fuel levels or you’ll risk not completing the race;

A.N.N.A.: great champions need great rivals. The AI system has been improved to make your races even more exciting.

And if you love strategy and finding the best way to build your path to glory, the Managerial Career is back and ready for you, this year even more full of possibilities. Take full control of the race, just like in real life! You can create your team or choose an official one, select your staff and develop your bike. You can also create a Junior Team in Moto2™ and Moto3™: hire a team manager, a technical director and a rider and start your journey towards the championship!

What are you waiting for? Pre-order MotoGP™22. See you on the track!

MotoGP™22 will be available starting April 21, 2022, on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and Steam.