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Real riders make choices on and off the track. Define your path with Turning Points and Rivalries. Enjoy the brand-new Riders Market and shape the most dynamic Career ever. Start each new season with roster updates and new scenarios in the paddocks. Only talent can make a difference: prove it!

MotoGP™ Stewards

The new MotoGP™ Stewards monitors races and timed sessions to guarantee fair racing. Both AIs and players unfair behaviour is now sanctioned according to what happened on the track.

Adaptive difficulty &

Enjoy the new Adaptive Difficulty technology that dynamically matches the AI difficulty to your skills. For every player to have equal fun, check out all the accessibility supports.

Racing is also 
a matter of style

Express your passion for the MotoGP™ and customizse your rider. Personalize helmet liveries, butt-patches, stickers, and racing numbers. Then share it with other players. Remember, sharing is caring!*

* UGC not available on NintendoSwitch

it only happens in Motogp™ 24

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