27 March 2020

MotoGP™20 – Fuel management system

The first gameplay allows having a glance at the new fuel management features that further raise the level of strategic skills needed to master the MotoGP™ Championship.

The fuel management system was created in order to make the game experience more challenging and closer to reality, risky but also rewarding.

Every class has a fixed maximum capacity, for example, MotoGP™ has 22 liters limit. These bikes are constantly being pushed to the limit, so during qualifying sessions, riders typically use just a splash of fuel, to be able to complete some few fast laps, without carrying too much weight: every detail counts while shaving off fractions of a second.

During the race, strategy becomes important: even topping up the tank won’t be enough if the riders use all the time the “max power” setting. Instead, he has to manage, using the three levels available, paring fuel when he can afford it.

So, it will be up to you: there’s a thin line separating victory from failure.