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A new chapter in the MotoGP™24 development: we asked the Game Director Matteo Pezzotti and the Lead Game Designer Stefano Talarico to have a word with us on the most awaited feature. Get ready for the Riders Market!

MotoGP™24 is ever closer. After diving deep into the gameplay, it’s now time to focus in more detail on specific features. Such as the Riders Market, long-awaited by all MotoGP™ fans and finally here to turn around the Career and make every Championship different.

We had but a glimpse of it, that’s why we asked again the Lead Game Designer Stefano Talarico to sit with us and talk more about it. With him, this time, the Game Director Matteo Pezzotti. Together they’ll explain all the work behind one of the most requested features, how it works, and what can be expected. Without further ado, let us begin!

Let’s break the ice with a very basic question: what is the Riders Market?

We worked on it a lot and finally, we can deliver the Riders Market, the fanbase’s most heartfelt request: as its name suggests, it allows you to see riders move from one team to another during their careers. Riders from both the lower categories and MotoGP™ will be able to move from one team to another and there may also be category promotions for more promising Moto2™ and Moto3™ riders, who can move up to higher categories. It’s important to highlight that these steps will only be forward and never backward: that is, the Riders Market works in terms of promotion and not relegation.

[Matteo Pezzotti, Game Director]

A clarification that allows for numerous different scenarios.

Indeed. These changes won’t happen randomly, we have studied a whole series of dynamics that will decide said transfers and/or promotions based on the performance of the rider and the requests of the team. Then again, faithfulness is what drives our games: the scenarios that could happen will always stick close to reality, to give a plausible experience while also accounting for as many odds as possible.

[Matteo Pezzotti, Game Director]

What kind of odds can we expect?

One example above all. Since the player is always involved, we have foreseen situations in which real riders could give way to the player’s rider or a Moto2™ rider, to the point they skip a season or two to return when a team needs an external rider or one of certain expertise. Also, due to the way we have set the system, each rider has his traits and, so, preferences in terms of teams. The same goes for the latter, who’ll look for riders that suit their goals and expectations. All things considered, the performances of both sides will always make the difference.

[Stefano Talarico, Lead Game Designer]

This is all very intriguing, but what if I want a more grounded experience, without the Riders Market?

You can, of course. The Riders Market is a feature and, therefore, it can be enabled or disabled as desired. However, it has its limitations: meaning you can enable it only at the beginning of a season. You can’t do it midway.

[Matteo Pezzotti, Game Director]

We have beat around the bush enough: how does all of this work, practically?

The MotoGP™24 career revolves a lot around what happens in the game, and what the player does, and this means that everything that happens around the player is dynamic and follows the flow of their experience. The Riders Market does the same: for example, if a team gets worse and doesn’t meet the rider’s expectations, he will look around to find someone else who can do it. Let’s take Marc Marquez for example: as he has proved, he always races to win riding the best bike of all. This means that if said bike doesn’t reflect the results he hoped for, Marquez will go looking for better. Similarly, on the team side, Ducati Lenovo, who won two consecutive championships, will look for a rider who can meet this objective if the current one cannot guarantee the podium. The whole system is based on respecting the supply-demand relationship by both the team and the riders. To always keep track of market trends, there is a dedicated page in the Career menu so you can always keep an eye on the situation.

[Stefano Talarico, Lead Game Designer]

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this third chapter of MotoGP™24: From the Paddock and are looking forward to learning more from behind the scenes of the game over the coming weeks!

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