Not just a game. What can you expect from MotoGP™ 18?

When we began working on MotoGP™ 18 we had one main goal: provide an entirely new simulative experience. That’s why we started from scratch and from the very basics. Everything you’ll see in MotoGP™ 18 is completely new, from the graphic engine to the physics. Specifically the latter will make essential for you to learn how to pick and manage your tyres and their temperature, along with the your bike’s aerodynamics. You’ll also collect development packages to enhance your bike: from engines, suspensions to brakes and chassis.

And these are just brief glimpses at all the improvements we made to the series, so stay tuned for more.

MotoGP™ 18 will be available June 7th on PS4, Xbox One and Steam PC and later on Nintendo Switch.

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